High-Quality Results

All of our products are formulated with high-quality inputs to provide you with clean & stable nutrients. We’ve left out unnecessary inputs that result in poor flavor and excess salt buildup.

Higher Yields

Our FLUID and POWDER nutrient lines will provide your plants with the exact nutrients they need at the moments they need them; resulting in maximum genetic potential and a higher gram-per-square-foot-ratio.

Low Overhead

Your input costs matter whether your grow is small or large. Our FLUID and POWDER cost-per-mixed-gallon are some of the most competitive in the industry. Clean, simple, & cost-effective.

Irrigation Friendly

Clean nutrients that will never  leave buildup in your reservoir or irrigation. Suitable for all growing mediums and hydroponic systems.

Having a successful harvest shouldn’t be complicated.

We understand how investing in different nutrients can be expensive and confusing.

Collectively, with over 35 years in the cultivation industry, we set out to develop clean, simple, concentrated, affordable, and effective nutrient lines to give growers back their money, time, and peace of mind; all the while keeping your irrigation running smoothly.

Our FLUID and POWDER lines will provide your plants with the proper nutrition that they require and desire throughout their lifetimes.

Crush your next run.

Our Powder Line stands out as one of the most balanced in the market.

Through meticulous tissue, feed, and drain labs, we were able to formulate this line with well balanced ratios specifically for cannabis; giving you a final solution that maintains plant health without the need of excessive EC feeds.